Vehicle Manufacturers

Vehicle Relocators offers an affordable solution for transporting your product, while organising the necessary administration on the way.  Our drivers take pride in representing your brand professionally while they are on the road, and respect your vehicle so it reaches your customer in pristine condition.  We understand that the delivery of your vehicle is an integral part of your sales process, and that doing it well guarantees a happy customer.

Mercantile Agents

Repossessing a vehicle needs to be done sensitively and efficiently.  Vehicle Relocators provides a discreet but thorough service, with our drivers performing both a preliminary vehicle check to guarantee the quality of the product.  We also understand the importance of punctuality so the vehicle can be repossessed in a timely manner.  At Vehicle Relocators, we guarantee our reliability and professionalism, ensuring your vehicle repossession is successful.

Fleet Owners

Purchasing a vehicle can be an expensive and time consuming process.  Vehicle Relocators will verify your vehicle is in excellent condition when we pick it up.  Our drivers will treat your vehicle with respect and care so it is in the same condition when we deliver it to you.  Vehicle Relocators also understands the importance of getting your vehicle to you as quickly as possible.  We adhere to strict and efficient guidelines to provide you with a timely quality service.